Scaffolding and shuttering

Advanced Reinforced Composite Shuttering

Being one of the leaders in the field of civil construction equipment, road construction equipment and scaffolding material in India, we aim to take the industry forward with innovative, eco-friendly and affordable alternatives.

In light of this objective, we introduce to you advanced reinforced composite shuttering as an alternative to aluminium formwork, steel formwork, and traditional AC plywood shuttering. This is to support the growing number of diverse construction forms in the building industry.

  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Repairable surface with enhanced lifespan
  • Easy for handling and transportation
  • Easy to detach and dismantle
  • Requires lesser manpower


A construction project requires an extensive set of tools and components to ensure a sturdy framework. Without proper tools and equipment it can become challenging to commit to the quality and safety of the project at hand.

We offer a range of scaffolding tools and products to ensure that every construction project stands to be a success.

scaffold, scaffolding, construction-14253.jpg
building, construction site, construction work-3331438.jpg

Our Product Range-

  • Adjustable Steel Props
  • Adjustable Floor Centres/Span
  • Floor Forms / Slab Shuttering
  • Cup Lock System
  • Kwikstage System
  • U-Frame / H-Frame Scaffolding
  • Advanced Reinforced Composite Shuttering

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